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- The Village Voice
New York, NY

"I can't stop listening to Perfectly Broken. I get a lot of CDs, most of them really good, but I usually don't have time to listen to them once I'm done with the review. But once in a while I come across something that I just can't push aside and demands that I listen to it. Your CD has done that to me. It's the combination of the music, your voice and the lyrics that makes it impossible to stop listening."
- Shane Werlinger, buddyhollywood.com

"The voice of NYC's Alex Sweeton rides lush, cheery singer-songwriter pop, pulling up a chair at the listener's ear a la Shawn Colvin, Alanis Morrisette and latter day Liz Phair. The lyrics she lays down, though, are closer to earlier Phair or Ani Difranco vulnerable, but hardly ashamed, broken-hearted but not broken."
- Phil Cauthon, Editor, lawrence.com
Lawrence, KS

"'Perfectly Broken' simultaneous bright, catchy joy and dark, soul-stirring subjects."
- Ryan A. Bunch, Toledo City Paper
Toledo, OH

"No one has ever questioned Alex Sweeton's ability to sing with passion, power & beauty. The six songs on her new EP, Invisible Girl, make it evident that Alex can write lyrics & music worthy of her great voice."
- Bob Leone, Songwriters Hall of Fame

"A strong groove coupled with the sweet, inviting voice of Alex Sweeton opens the EP "Invisible Girl". The ride continues with an emotional roller coaster of moods and styles, effectively conveyed by her great band (LOVE the acoustic bass) and the range of her voice, which engages the listener until the very end of the disc. Like most great rides, it's over too soon. Looking forward to more from this promising artist!"
- Missy Fogarty, WDFH 90.3 FM
Ossining, NY